pyveu – Value Error Unit

The python package pyveu (Value Error Unit) handles real-life experimental data which includes uncertainties and physical units. The package implements arithmetic operations and many mathematical functions for physical quantities. Gaussian error propagation is used to calculate the uncertainty of derived quantities.

The package is built with the day-to-day requirements of people working a laboratory kept in mind. The package offers an imperative programming style, which means that the operations are evaluated when they are typed interactively in python, giving researchers the freedom and flexibility they need.


Install the package using pip

$ pip install pyveu

The working horse of the package is the pyveu.Quantity class. It can be used to convert units, for example, it can convert meter per second into kilometer per hour.

>>> from pyveu import Quantity
>>> speed = Quantity("32 +- 3 m / s")
>>> speed.str("km / hr")
'(115 +- 11) km / hr'

Quantities from a measurement usually come with a measurement uncertainty. The class pyveu.Quantity propagates the uncertainty automatically.

>>> time = Quantity("3.23 +- 0.1 min")
>>> distance = speed * time
>>> distance.str("km")
'(6.2 +- 0.6) km'